Clarksdale Clinic

​Dr. William Cameron Scott, Chiropractor

Dr. Cameron is a 2016 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. He and his wife, Kasney, have a one year old son, Charles Parker Scott. They live in Tunica, MS. Dr. Cameron grew up in Senatobia where he went to high school and also attended Northwest Mississippi Community College.

Dr. Cameron’s hobbies and activities include the things that just about every guy from the delta does: hunting, fishing, family and church. He loves to raise bird dogs.

Upon reflection, Dr. Cameron says that his main goal is to “help as many people as possible achieve wellness in every area of their lives.”

His biggest achievement thus far, “God gave me a son.”

Dr. Cameron’s has served in all MSC clinics but his main practice is in Clarksdale where he feels right at home.



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