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Dr. Jason Evans graduated from Parker University in August of 2016 and has been in practice in Texas and Nevada for more than 4 years.

Dr. Evans was born and raised in a small town in Northern California called Cottonwood. From a young age, Dr. Evans was very active and played football, baseball, soccer, basketball, ran track and wrestled. He attributes his ability to not only participate but excel in these activities to the continuous chiropractic care he received from his childhood chiropractor whom he started seeing at the age of 7.

After graduating high school in 1992, Dr. Jason joined the Navy where he served on the USS Tarawa for 4 years. After several years and several careers, he decided to go to school and graduated from Arizona State University with a business degree. Still unsure what he wanted to do he recalled the positive influence his childhood chiropractor had in his life and enrolled at Parker University where he quickly learned his true passion; caring for others and allowing them their best opportunity to heal and express their true health, and more than anything, he loves turning your power back on.

Since graduation, Dr. Jason Has worked as an associate for three other chiropractors and owned his own practice. He came to Mid-South Chiropractic to further refine his craft and focus on taking care of patients. Dr. Jason practices using diversified and Gonstead but is also proficient in activator and Thompson drops.


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Neck Pain Treatment
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Auto Injury Treatment
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Sports Injury Treatment
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